May 132015

Just back from a wild swing to the farm to oversee vast excavation and pipe-laying to repair the tenant house (twice burned down, but the original house was the first on the farm; ancient stone foundation dating to before 1850, we also found the remains of what must be the original well) plus swing to Toronto to see Jonah (hiked down the Humber River to the lake and back). Many pictures, no theme, my brain is a scattered mess.

Re. the pipe. We had a line locator come out to locate the old line, which he didn’t manage properly. So we had to follow the old pipe with the backhoe, a lovely serpentine hole with a couple of false tangents and trial digs here and there. Kind of interesting and delicate, especially at the very end when we were sure we were close to the main pipe. These digging photos are of purely documentary interest. No one made a map the last time the pipes were put in, and now I have pictures. Otherwise, I will spare you the details.




  4 Responses to “Out & Back: Not Writing, Otherwise Engaged”

  1. Those close-ups of hose coming out of dirt are weirdly erotic. Shoukd I even say that in semi-public?

  2. P. S. “Shoukd” is about half-way between “should” and “shocked.”

    • Julie,

      🙂 I could fix that typo, but you’ve already made a followup joke out of it, a nice word play.

      I know there would be some readers who would find pictures of dirt and plastic pipe erotic. Thank you, Julie! I was listening to the Sally Mann interview on NPR last night and she was talking about what people find erotic and others don’t. Actually it was kind of interesting. In any case, the plastic pipe puts me in mind of pictures of giant anacondas in National Geographic or some such magazine when I was a kid. But then I am sitting on the farm with my ancient mother and NOTHING looks erotic from that point of view. 🙂 (On the other hand, my “anaconda” is just my shy screen image for something else, right?)

      • Okay, someone has pointed out WHICH photo looks erotic. Not the anaconda one I was thinking of. I get it! 🙂

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