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Numéro Cinq at the Movies

Numéro Cinq‘s unique and unparalleled collection of short films and commentary edited and (mostly) written by R. W. Gray. Other contributions from Jon Dewar, Sophie Lavoie, Philip Marchand, Megan MacKay, Jared Carney, Erin Morton and Taryn Sirove.

Numero Cinq at the Movies



Where Numéro Cinq celebrates the uncelebrated. Edited and written by Julie Larios. “The goal here is not really to determine the why behind a poet’s lack of reputation and readership. But it’s such a puzzle – this business of a rising star failing to rise – that the temptation to try to solve the puzzle always lurks in the background.”



Uimhir a Cúig

Uimhir a Cúig means Number Five in Irish, and henceforth there will always be a little part of Numéro Cinq that is Irish. Herein you will find exhibited some of the best in contemporary Irish literature and art. We launched Uimhir a Cúig with the amazing and uncanny Galway artist Louise Manifold — text and voiceover from the massively celebrated Kevin Barry, winner of last year’s Dublin IMPAC International Literary Award for his novel The City of Bohane. Uimhir a Cúig is curated by the Irish novelist & poet Gerard Beirne.



Numéro Cinq | Off The Page

Numéro Cinq‘s growing collection of cutting edge interviews with artist who create art that lives in a hybrid universe between text and object, book and sculpture, painting, concept. Off The Page art has become something of a specialty, a meme, if you will, on NC, driven in part by the taste and aesthetic interests of our Contributing Editor Nance Van Winckel who teaches Off The Page workshops at Vermont College of Fine Art and also invented the term/genre Photoem.



The Numéro Cinq Anthologies

Numéro Cinq‘s collection of set essays and themed texts, including more than 50 essays entitled “What It’s Like Living Here,” our heart-breaking and utterly human “Childhood” series, and the “Fathers” series.


Chance Encounters of a Literary Kind

A series of whimsical meetings, real and otherwise, between literary personages. Erudite, witty, and entertaining — from the pen of Robert Day who should know whereof he speaks. Author of the novel The Last Cattle Drive, former president of the Associated Writing Programs, Day taught English and Creative Writing at Washington College in Maryland for decades.

Day image1


Numéro Cinq | En Français

Numéro Cinq’s unique, albeit small, but growing (more is coming) collection of French texts, in French, untranslated, for people who enjoy reading French or who want to learn French or who should learn French because, always, it is good to read a text in the original.



Nature Writing in America | Adam Regn Arvidson

Included here are life and work profiles of six masters: Carson, Krutch, Eiseley, Abbey, Berry, and Hoagland.  Everyone on this list was born between 1893 and 1934 and reached the peak of his or her writing between the 50s and 70s.  They all experienced the Great Depression in some form, and all saw most of the great pieces of environmental legislation passed (except Carson, who died rather prematurely in 1964). Aldo Leopold was too early, Barry Lopez and Annie Dillard too late.  The last two are omitted simply because they probably didn’t affect this particular wave of environmentalism; they were affected BY it.



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  1. love it all, so atuned to the now…would like to know how to submit my poetry to Numero Chinq ? A phone number is welcomed. Many thanks and keep on going…

    • Kathleen, The magazine does not accept submissions. We publish by invitation only. Occasionally, we do accept submissions for our What It’s Like Living Here and Childhood essay series. We put up a submissions page when that happens.

      Many of our writers have earned an invitation by showing themselves loyal readers and members of the community, by commenting on the posts and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

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