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Mary Kathryn Jablonski is a gallerist in Saratoga Springs, a visual artist and a poet, author of the chapbook To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met (APD Press, 2008). Her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals including Salmagundi, Slipstream, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Blueline. Her artwork has been widely exhibited throughout the Northeast and is held in private and public collections.

Book Review

In the Orbit of Venus: A Review of Jay Rogoff’s Venera


Curated Art & Interviews

Strangers in a Strange Land: Lynne M. Browne Photographs & Interview

The eye, the hand, the picture plane: Sean Riley Art & Interview

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Considering Plasticity: Art — Victoria Palermo

Going Home: Art & Essay By Bruno LaVerdiere

Cariatide de Papier: Watercolor Diary by Anne Francey

Manipulatives: Letter Press Art & Interview with Terry Conrad

methodical, intentional, mechanical | Adam Daily Art & Interview

The Grand Design: Paintings of John Hampshire | Art & Text

Ode to Meaning, or The Joyful Apocalypse: The Art of Josh Dorman | Art & Interview


Her Own Art

The Two Trees, Very Small Works: Woodcuts



Sea of Rains


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