Numero Cinco


Numero Cinco

Mexican Lit

Numero Cinco means Number Five in Spanish, and it seems appropriate to give that name to our ongoing Mexican literature series. The series already exists in all but name, but we were waiting until we had a certain momentum going forward. Brendan Riley, an indefatigable translator, started us off with a translation of some early 20th century Mexican broadsheet extravaganzas. He also brought in two translations of work by the young Mexican novelist Julián Herbert. Then Dylan Brennan, an Irishman living in Mexico, came on the scene, and since then we’ve had some lovely translations and interviews. And this is not to forget the contributions of our indefatigable translations editor Ben Woodard. Besides Herbert, we’ve featured work by Javier Taboada, Salvador Díaz Mirón, Óscar Oliva, Mónica Lavín and Zazil Alaíde Collins. More to follow.


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