Nov 302016

piratesSome of NC’s staff seven years ago, l-r Jason DeYoung, dg, Natalia Sarkissian, & Rob Gray.

Jonah put this song in my mind; now it won’t go away. Recalls to me the piratical impulse that led us to start the magazine in the first place. And then, yes, after seven years — a broken, lonely man on a Halifax pier. Ah me.

Maybe it’s not that bad.

With this in mind, knowing full well the catastrophe that awaits you, I want to remind one and all that we still need production editors. We found one very competent person (soon to be announced) last week, but we’d be more comfortable with another (spreads the work around and provides reserves).

Here is the HELP WANTED PAGE. Please take a look and throw your bodies onto the pyre.

Also let it be noted that the SUBMISSIONS PAGE for Childhood, My First Job, and What It’s Like Living Here essays has been reopened for a while. We got a gorgeous Childhood piece this morning from County Mayo in Ireland.


  4 Responses to “Brain Worm: On nearing the end of seven years of NC”

  1. Now I have the same song running through my head without even playing the song. Such a great song for a long car ride when the kids were younger. Back when they derived a great thrill from being allowed to yell out “God damn them all!” with impunity.

    • Joe, Were you in the car me and my boys? 🙂 This is exactly how it worked for us. In fact, that’s the context for Jonah reminding me of the song. He was remembering those long car rides.

  2. I like our group photo. 🙂

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