Numéro Cinq does not accept submissions on principle, but we have decided to court chaos and mayhem by opening a window of opportunity for people who wish to publish in the magazine. We have two very popular and one nascent set-essay series: What It’s Like Living Here, Childhood, and My First Job, we will entertain submissions for these series only.

The first rule is: Don’t submit any other kind of material. We have very limited capacity for dealing with submissions. We won’t read anything that is not aimed at those three series specifically. Also don’t send proposals for essays, and don’t write asking for clarification.

The second rule is: Please be polite. Even if you are rejected. Because we don’t have much time to devote to reading submissions, we can only promise a simple yes/no response. We won’t offer reasons for rejection.  Please don’t ask for them.

The third rule is: Please read the series guidelines carefully and abide by them. Also read essays in the series so you know what the ballpark looks like.

Rights Policy: All work on Numéro Cinq is owned by the authors and artists who produced it. The magazine takes one-time non-exclusive digital rights to the work we publish. We will keep the piece online as long as the magazine persists (though, of course, if you ask, we will take it down). But the author or artist retains all other rights to the work. We only ask that, out of courtesy, you don’t publish the work online somewhere else for at least three months (putting up an excerpt and a link is fine), that is, the three-month period in which your piece remains on the front page of the magazine (Current Issue & Recent Past Issues). Also, of course, if you publish the work elsewhere, please acknowledge NC.


The Guidelines Are Here

What It’s Like Living Here Guidelines

Childhood Guidelines


The Three Series Can Be Found Here

What It’s Like Living Here


My First Job


After you have sufficiently prepared yourself, written your essay, and assembled your images, please submit the essay as a Word document attached to an email, with images attached separately (not embedded in the document). The images need to be clearly labeled so that they can be placed appropriately in the essay.


Email submissions to: