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Production editor 

You absolutely must be capable of stepping right into uploading and formatting on WordPress (we can’t train you, except, of course, in house style). Copyediting skills and a good eye for aesthetics would also be helpful. Also the ability to track down appropriate images on the Internet. Again, we try to spread the work around. At the most you’d have to format 4 or so posts a month (on the other hand, they do come in batches, so sometimes you’ll need to be expeditious). Unpaid as usual. Apply to


Editor/curator for our Irish series

Gerry Beirne (of the Old Guard) has had to retire from the magazine for personal reasons. He has made our Irish feature a once-a-month delight. His replacement would need to have a strong interest in Irish literature and a good contact network (poetry, fiction, nonfiction). The job would involve contacting and inviting contributors and sheep-dogging their work through the production process. Gerry was able to upload and format his own posts, so a good working knowledge of WordPress would be helpful. Unpaid (I guess I have to keep saying this). Apply to



We need someone who can do quick NC Blog posts announcing news from masthead members (we believe in the principle of shameless self-promotion). This person would also have a bit of flair for finding eccentric but informative and beautiful art, literary and culture posts and sites elsewhere on the web. This person would then create a blog post on NC Blog (with a certain amount of added value in terms of written material, background, etc). Wide variety of options here, including quick music video posts, or top picks from the NC archives, etc. We have let this function lapse a bit in latter days. Could be a really entertaining option for the right kind of person. Must have WordPress competence and be willing to work for free. Though, once again, this won’t be too arduous or time-consuming once you get the hang of it. Apply to


Contest(s) Manager

Early on in the magazine’s life we had contests, wonderfully informal, community-driven, light-hearted, anarchic literary contests. Write a villanelle, a novel-in-a-box, a translation from an unknown language, an aphorism. We had peoples’ choice winners and winners picked by an assortment of judges (mostly dg). There were no prizes, except that dg would buy you a cup of coffee at his favourite cafe if you could find your way to wherever he lived at the time. Nobody cared about that. But over time, the contests got to be a lot of work on top of running the magazine, and they had to disappear (like our French series, out best of anthologies…). We’d like to bring them back if we could find the right person to take control. Someone with a sense of humour, a sense of form(s), wit and the ability to take death threats from contestants with a grain of salt. Apply to