Jan 142014

Schmalz jesus statueWhatsoever You Do — Timothy Schmalz

This happened in early December (but I am slow). Timothy Schmalz’s life-size statue of Jesus “Whatsoever You Do” was stolen from the venerable Anglican Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields in the Kensington Market area of downtown Toronto. This is significant in several ways, paramount to the NC community is the fact that the minister at Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields is Maggie Helwig (novelist, essayist and poet) who published a sermon, “Now the Green Blade Rises,” here in March, 2011. Maggie is an old friend; years ago we co-edited the annual anthology Coming Attractions. In fact, I was just in the church in September when I was in Toronto on one of my book promotion jaunts (unfortunately, I missed Maggie). The statue was outside next to the sidewalk, beautiful and touching.

Then, a few days later, the thief returned the statue (secretly, in the night) with a note attached: “I’m sorry, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

I leave you to read into this what you will.

Timothy Schmalz is a well-known Canadian artist. He made headlines a few days before the theft when his “Homeless Jesus” was blessed by the Pope in Rome.


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