Jan 212013

Douglas Glover & Sydney Lea

Numéro Cinq‘s own Douglas Glover and Sydney Lea (also Poet Laureate of Vermont)  are on the marquee for a reading EXTRAVAGANZA in Port Dover, Ontario, April 12. (Imagine Port Dover as the Riviera of southern Ontario, sort of.) The reading has been organized by our mutual friend, the poet John B. Lee (who has contributed poems and translations to NC). You should all fly up for the event. Talisker will be flowing in the gutters. It will be epic!


  5 Responses to “AUTHOR! AUTHOR! — NC Editors Sydney Lea & Douglas Glover in Reading Extravaganza by the Lake”

  1. Oh I really, really hope that my health is solid enough for me to be there. This looks like an awesome event!!!

  2. I think Hal Wake ought to bring you out here, DG.

  3. Oh, how sad I am to be unable to attend.

  4. We just might go to this! I am grateful that it’s not Friday the 13th. Every Friday the 13th bikers (yes, the serious types) converge on Port Dover. I could never figure out why ……Personally, I’d rather hang out with poets.

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