Jun 112012

Utne Reader, The Best of the Alternative Press, just reprinted Sion Dayson’s excellent essay “Life Lessons in Père Lachaise Cemetery” in its July/August issue. “Life Lessons” was originally published in Numéro Cinq‘s January 2, 2012 issue. This is terrific recognition for Sion’s work and for the magazine. Congratulations all around. Raise a glass of Talisker, everyone.

See all of Sion’s work on NC here.



  3 Responses to “Sion Dayson & Numéro Cinq Picked By Utne Reader, The Best of the Alternative Press”

  1. There is justice in this world. It was a beautiful essay. A great day for Sion and Numero Cinq.

  2. Thanks to Numero Cinq for providing such a great home for the essay. I’m so pleased The Utne Reader has NC on their reading list! I’m thrilled to be in their pages.

    And thank you, Patrick, for your kind comment!

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