Nov 072010

Lynne Q summer 2008

Lynne Quarmby is an old friend, an eminent gene biologist with a lab at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, an outdoorswoman, and a painter. She paints with water colours and what comes out often looks genetic, looks biological, looks like an image of life filtered through a microscope, rhythmic, patterned, explosive.


focal plane high res

Focal Plane (14”x10”)

Star Island

Star Island (14”x10”)

For Neil Young in Montreal high res

For Neil Young in Montreal (19”x14”)

Arrhythmia High Res

Arrhythmia (19”x14”)

Westminster Avenue #2

Westminster Avenue #2 (14”x10”)

  3 Responses to “Five Paintings — Lynne Quarmby”

  1. LOVE this – its like Arthur Dove on speed!

  2. Well..Tie me up and call me doggie…
    Trying to imagine what you imagine is simply delightful…

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