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Selling Tea on the Nile


Egypt After the Revolution, Part II:

Photographs by Natalia Sarkissian




I’ve just returned from a second trip to Cairo. In the two months since my last visit, the mood  has noticeably lightened. This time, I found no tanks patrolling Tahrir Square; the military had disappeared. Instead, the police force was back on duty. Protests were staged, but these were tiny and orderly. While dissatisfaction with the lack of a significant overhaul exists, for the most part, Egyptians keep it in check. They are waiting for the elections in September. They’re hopeful that with a new President, a new direction will be charted. And, in the meantime, they’re living.


Hawking Bread


Protesting, for Housing


Protesting, Tahrir Square








Another Load


Heading Home


In the Crossroads










Picnic on the Nile


Picnic at the Park






Praying, Jesus Heart Catholic Church, Cairo


Mosque and Minaret, View from Al Azhar




—Natalia Sarkissian

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  79 Responses to “Egypt After the Revolution, Part II: Photographs — Natalia Sarkissian”

  1. Fantastic, Natalia.

  2. This is an amazing look into living history. Wow.

  3. Great, great shots, Natalia. Formally, “Cleaning” is my favorite.

  4. good walking eye, thank you

  5. When I say “breathtaking,” I mean it quite literally.

  6. Beautiful photos Natalia!

  7. Incredible!!

  8. I love these pix … I especially love that you capture so many beautiful faces.

    Thank you for sharing,


  9. The pics really do tell a story! I love the “selling tea on the Nile” pic—-beautiful! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for sharing these photos. The last one is my favourite…so full of hope.

  11. I love these pictures of everyday life!!

  12. May they emerge stronger after all that..

  13. Congratulations, Natalia, for being picked to appear on the WordPress front page this morning.

    “Freshly Pressed: The best of 372,209 bloggers, 398,202 new posts, 406,510 comments, & 99,534,075 words posted today on WordPress.com”

    That’s you! 🙂

    Great photo essay but it’s really just one of a whole series of pieces you’ve done for NC that are stellar–passionate and intelligent.


  14. Thanks for the updates and the great pictures. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  15. I appreciate your work, showing Egypt to the world as one nation and peaceful environment. Im from Egypt as well but currently living in Malaysia… thank you so much

  16. Wonderful pictures! I really have to go back to Egypt some day!

  17. A blogger, Mfonobong Nsehe recently wrote on forbes.com the list of five places in Africa we all must endeavor to visit before we die: you guessed it – the Pyramids in Egypt and the migration of the wildebeest in the Serengeti are two I’ve marked down before my time runs out! You’ve shown, though, that trips to Egypt need not be restricted to those ancient wonders. The selection of people and places photographed: a Christian service in progress and the minarets of mosques; how ’bout the religiously-clad woman and her friend attired in Western garb walking side by side – or the ancient push cart laden with goods for sale not far from the moped = the contrasts are endless. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  18. I know they are beautiful pics but I found the “cleaning” one amazing. I’m not sure what that says abuout me lol.

  19. Good luck to Egypt. Nice photos.

  20. Wonderful pictures. Thank you.

  21. Amazing photos Natalia! They truly show the everyday life in the Egyptian society.

  22. Beautiful and enlightening. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Photos of everyday life are the best. It captures real people, real moments, and there are always interesting details in the photos (like a person making weird faces in the back and stuff like that).

  24. i found some great shots here! good job! and congrats for being FP 🙂

  25. You’ve capture some great sights. Thank you for sharing. I hope Egypt eventually settles into a better government. For now, it’s good to hear they’ve gotten back to life.

  26. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  27. So interesting pictures, thats the best thing about these sorts of blogs its views from a real persons point of view and not a news agency.

  28. I love the picture with the dude who has the bag as big as him. Makes me happy to have the job I do, when I’m having a bad day I’ll just picture myself carring around a massive back full of whatever & go on enjoying my place of employment.

  29. I like the last one and the pic-nics

  30. Lovely pictures! You really capture the feel of the city.

  31. love your pictures! especially the very last one! see also my blog on vacation in egypt! http://annikamdl.wordpress.com/2003/08/09/agypten-ahlan-wa-sahlan/ lots of greetings

  32. wow – great pictures – making us homesick for being on the road!

  33. Absolutely stunning – I doubt I will have the opportunity to travel to Egypt this life time, as I had once hoped – thank you so much for a brief view of the things I would be most interested in seeing – the daily life of those who live somewhere different from me!

    Thank you so much!

  34. Execllent photos. With my ancient foods blog you might gusee the man hawking bread is my favourite.

  35. These are wonderful and they seem to tell even more than they show– as apparently you felt free to move around anywhere and take pictures. Thank you!

  36. Really beautiful photo odyssey reflecting on the new found daily life in Egypt. Thank you

  37. Outstanding!

  38. they working hard.

  39. Very moving and insightful photos!

    Thank you for sharing.

  40. Beautiful pictures. My brother and his family live in Cairo.

  41. Wonderful images, amazing colors. Thank you for this glimpse into Egypt. From the women chatting, the child on the slide, to the two women walking on the beach—just shows how much we all have in common. Great job!

  42. beautiful pics…

  43. I just found your post and this blog site today on Freshly Pressed and I am extremely impressed! Your article and photos are fabulous. I love how you capture the daily life of the people. I especially enjoyed the pictures of “swimming” and “playing”.

    I was recently in Morocco back in April and was surprised to see how modern it felt. While looking at your pictures, it seems like the women are much more covered than Moroccan women. Egypt appears to be a much more traditional society. I would love to go there someday. It is on my wish list for future travel destinations as I am intrigued by the Middle East and the Islam religion.

    I look forward to reading your posts and learning more about this fantastic blog. Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

  44. OMg, ur pic make me wanna move ,,,,
    I like to move it , move it 😀

    So amazing :X!!!

  45. Wow, these pictures are amazing :D. All the pics you see in the past months are either about a protest or the dictators. It’s awesome to see some normal life pictures in Egypt. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  46. Those are beautiful pictures…..unlike the usual stories and sights of devastation, these look practically normal. I am so glad the Egyptians are doing good.

  47. weeew 🙂 picture tells a thousand word. Astonishing images 🙂 God speed Egypt 🙂

  48. Well done.

  49. thanx for sharing………..its gud to know bout your country i m sitting in india at present n ur blog gives me (i dont know) but v gud feeling………..beautiful images no doubt

  50. beautiful pictures.

  51. I feel like “Cruising” really captures the heart and soul of so many young people around the world that just want peace and liberty. It also points out that even as eras come and go, as suns rise and set, we all just try to live and be free. It’s really a beautiful photo.

  52. Those are beautiful pictures

  53. quiet similar to a day in India.

  54. good to know about how egypts doing!

  55. Amazing photographs!

  56. I have never been to Egypt. Your photos have great soul and amazing composition! You capture spirit! Lovely work. Thank you for sharing.

  57. I am speechless, honestly. What the lovely pictures.

  58. I’m in Alexandria now and I feel as if it’s way worse.

  59. Interesting photos. We’ll see how it all turns out.

  60. Beautiful photos. They’re shot very well and really get across the human aspect and a sense of the mood within Egypt.

  61. Amazing, Natasha! Congrats on your photos making top wordpress post!!

  62. Wow! These are beautiful. Congratulations, my friend. An honor well deserved.


  63. It is good to see and hear the country is stable for now and hope for the future is there. Your photos show quite a diversity in the culture. More so than I had thought.

  64. It’s so amazing that you went there, the photo’s are so great to look through and get an impression of life there

  65. A rich and beautiful series of photos, Natalia. The compositions are gorgeous and the images filled with meaning. In their light, direct communication of essence they remind me of the essays that you write for NC. I’m grateful for these opportunities to see the world through your eyes.

  66. Wonderful, vibrant photos, saturated with life & color!

  67. Beautiful. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing what you were seeing in Egypt.

  68. Amazing pictures! Really great. Fantastic series!

  69. I’ve been thinking this over, reading the comments. I/we’re (at NC) trying to do something out of the ordinary, different from the cultural cliches all around us. N’s photographs are great because they reflect her personality, her interest in life, not because they make a point about the Middle East or about politics. In N’s photos women wearing head scarves suddenly look completely ordinary and human and unthreatening (whereas when a newspaper or a new sites publishes a picture of a woman in a head scarf she looks like a sex bomb or a human bomb). There really is something brilliant about these photos.

  70. A fantastic, uplifting set of photos; ‘Swimming’ is my favourite!

  71. Pictures for history, definitely.

    They look like they have lost hope but they are continuing to struggle and fight against all the obstacles. For that, they have my respect.

  72. Thanks to everyone for commenting and sharing. Wish you all well!

  73. really reaaaally cool pictures..

  74. been here, loved it

  75. Julia, thanks for stopping in!

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