Mar 012011

Jodi Paloni alerted me to this delightful video talk given by Margaret Atwood (in a witty and genial mood) on the new world of digital publishing. This was recorded at the Tools of Change conference in New York mid-February.



  4 Responses to “Don’t Panic! — Margaret Atwood on the New World of Publishing”

  1. Thanks for this and the other posts on the crossroads publishing faces these days. Self-publishing makes more and more sense. And I’m intrigued by the United Artists approach Atwood mentions.

  2. Margaret Atwood is a great example of an older, established writer who is embracing this brave new world with joy. That’s rare, and I admire that. Thanks for posting.

  3. I love this. I love Margaret Atwood. Sometimes I forget that amazing and famous authors are real live human beings. Yet there she is. I also feel compelled to take this small comment space to mention that Mark Jarman wrote a story, “Love Is All Around Us,” included in his collection, 19 Knives, that I feel every Atwood lover should read.

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