Nov 202010

The following is the first teaser trailer for Wings Over Arda: The First Age, put together from the raw HD footage.  Our aim was to focus on locations and faces without giving too much (well, anything, really) away.  We started editing the film itself last night, and I think the result is going to be something very special.

Here’s a closer look at the film’s current logo, created by my brother, Philip.

The image includes, from left to right, Voronwë (Jennifer Wicks), Tuor (myself, looking a bit more devil may care than usual), Dior (Philip Hartshorn), Celegorm (Juan Carlos Tapia), Caranthir (Samuel Aguirre), and Curufin (Jonathan Duncan).

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  8 Responses to “Wings Over Arda Film Diary 5: Something in Motion — Richard Hartshorn”

  1. Thanks, Rich, for keeping us up to date with the project. Upstate New York never looked so good. And it’s great to have NC involved, even tangentially, in this amazing creative work.

    Um, just one thing. Can we bump up the NC seat allocation for the premiere? I’m think maybe 250 seats for just the NC insiders.

  2. Doug,

    Thanks for the incredible praise. And yes, I’d be glad to do that for the premiere, though there will have to be a call/response password when an NC member shows up. A hooded figure at the door will ask, “Why are you here?” The response will be, “For obvious reasons.” You will then be shown to the VIP box.

  3. I loved this trailer Rich. Very well done!

    • Thanks; I hope you get to check out the final product!

      • This poses the question: What is going to happen with the final product? When will it be finished and then what do you do with it? This is an interesting and intricate part of the filmmaking process. Maybe post here?

        • We’re going to have a big premiere at a local college’s theater, and I’ll be making Blu-Ray copies (and probably DVDs too, though they won’t look as good). I’m hesitant to post the full film online, because Tolkien has plenty of rabid fans who will surely hate this and that about it, but if it gets online I’m sure NC would be a great hub.

        • And as for when it will be finished:

          The rough cut is done, after several 8, 10, and 13 hour days of editing (with breaks for working out, eating comfort food and questioning one’s own existence) but there is still plenty of work to be done. Music, special effects and additional audio work (dubbing and such) is happening now. I’m hoping we can be done by the end of the year; it would make holiday gifts a lot easier for me.

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