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Victoria Best taught at St John’s College, Cambridge for 13 years. Her books include: Critical Subjectivities; Identity and Narrative in the work of Colette and Marguerite Duras (2000), An Introduction to Twentieth Century French Literature (2002) and, with Martin Crowley, The New Pornographies; Explicit Sex in Recent French Fiction and Film (2007). A freelance writer since 2012, she has published essays in Cerise Press and Open Letters Monthly and is currently writing a book on crisis and creativity. She is also co-editor of the quarterly review magazine Shiny New Books (


Missing Persons: The Novels of Patrick Modiano

The Mind of the Modern: An Interview with Gabriel Josipovici

Telling Tales: Four Variations on a Theme

The Drama of the Mind: A Profile of Janice Galloway

Painter & Poet: Studies in Creativity — Interview with Miranda Boulton & Kaddy Benyon

Man Behaving Badly | Henry Miller & Tropic of Cancer 

Mother Tongue | On Doris Lessing

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