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Tom Faure is an MFA in Fiction student at Vermont College of Fine Arts. His work has appeared in Zocalo Public Square, Splash of Red, Chattanooga Times Free Press, The Journal News, and undergraduate magazines at Columbia University. He lives in New York, teaching English and Philosophy at the French-American School of New York.


The Education of Ta-Nehisi Coates: Review of Between the World and Me

Too Many Starbucks: Review of Chris Hedges’ Wages of Rebellion

The Koans of Atticus Lish: Review of Preparation for the Next Life

From the Garden Grows the Word: Review of Giulio Mozzi’s This Is The Garden

When the Critic Creates: A Review of Herbert Read’s The Green Child

The Dead White Male You  Should: Borges at 80: Conversations; Professor Borges; Jorge Luis Borges: The Last Interview

On the Road Again (or, how shame informs identity): Review of Angel Igov’s A Short Tale of Shame


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