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Jason Lucarelli is a graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. His work has appeared in Numéro Cinq, The Literarian, 3:AM Magazine, Litro, Squawk Back, and NANO Fiction.

The Geometry Of Breaking Up: Review Of Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s Naked

Have I Come Clean Enough?: Review of Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine by Diane Williams

Every Book is Like Writing a Book for the First Time: Interview with Greg Mulcahy

These are the Ferocious Challenges: An Interview With Diane Williams

The Press of a Human Heart Against the Page: An Interview with Victoria Redel

Using Everything: Pattern Making in Gertrude Stein’s “Melanctha,” Robert Walser’s “Nothing at All,” and Sam Lipsyte’s “The Wrong Arm” | Essay

The Consecution of Gordon Lish: An Essay on Form and Influence

Burlesques Of Togetherness: Review of Assisted Living by Gary Lutz

Consciously Amateurish | Review of The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan

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