The Jacob Glover NC Archive


Jacob Glover, a frequent contributor of essays and reviews, is a graduate student in Classics at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


I Just Met A Gaze Named Maria: Review of Everything Happens As It Does by Albena Stambolova

What if God is One of Us? A Note on Derrida

Herbert Marcuse: Believing in Ghosts As a Way Toward Philosophy

Unwrapping Miss Frost: Time & Structure in John Irving’s In One Person

Summoning Eternity: Review of Ingrid Winterbach’s The Book of Happenstance

On Kierkegaard

On Spinoza

Montaigne On Experience & Defecation

Mystical Attention | Review of The Artist as Mystic: Conversations with Yahia Lababidi

The Cosmic Conversation, A Note on Plato’s Timaeus

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