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Genese GrillPhoto by Rebecca Mack

Genese Grill is an artist, translator, writer, and cultural conspirator living in Burlington, Vermont. She is the author of The World as Metaphor in Robert Musil’s ‘The Man without Qualities’ (Camden House, 2012) and the translator of a collection of Robert Musil’s short prose, Thought Flights (Contra Mundum, 2015). She is currently working on completing a collection of essays exploring the tension between spirit and matter in contemporary culture and a room-sized, illuminated, accordion book inscribed with one of the essays from the collection, along with many other fanatical projects. You can find Genese online at



Making Meaning I: The Categorical Imp of the Perverse

Matter & Spirit in Conversation

Ethics and Aesthetics are One: The Earnestness of High Modernism in Wittgenstein and Musil

Primitivisms: (Paradoxically) On Modernism

Apologia: Why Do We Write?

Metaphor as Extratemporal Moment in Robert Musil and Marcel Proust



Robert Musil: Speed is Witchy! & Intensivism

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