Aug 042017

Click on the image to see the COMPLETE What It’s Like Living Here series.

With the publication of Paul Lindholdt’s wonderful essay on living in Spokane, we’ve reached the end of the line for our What It’s Like Living Here series. But now you can see the whole series (7 1/2 years worth of essays listed alphabetically by author) on our What It’s Like Living Here page. Now you get an idea of what I envisioned when I started this series. We have some magnificent pieces of writing, great photos, deeply felt connections to place and home. These essays (along with Childhood series, the My First Job series, etc.) were meant to be the human face of the magazine, the place where writing, emotion and sense of self found an aesthetic meeting point.

It’s difficult to make a list of favourites (because I loved them all), but check out Shawn Selway on living in Hamilton, Ontario; Carrie Cogan on Salt Spring Island, Stephen Sparks on San Francisco, and Tiara Winter-Schorr on Manhattan. Also look at Court Merrigan’s essay on Torrington, Wyoming, and Brad Green on Denton, Texas, and Gary Garvin on Cupertino,  and John Proctor on New York.

I’ll list them all if I’m not careful.

But to get the full drift read the ur-texts, Natalia Sarkissian’s first (i.e. the first in the series) two What It’s Like Living Here essays, here and here. Break your heart.



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  1. Looks like it could be a book…

  2. I’ve always loved this series! A book is a great idea, Vivian! NC could provide several books, is, in fact, an entire library in itself:-)

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