Nov 072015
Photo by Mark Raynes Roberts

Photo by Mark Raynes Roberts

Mark Sampson is a poet, novelist and critic. He has already written two reviews for the magazine. He’s no stranger here. See his review “Intoxication of Influence: Review of Samuel Archibald’s Arvida” in the magazine’s current issue. Also his “Small-City Chatter: Review of Jeff Bursey’s Mirrors on which dust has fallen” in the August issue. So it’s a great pleasure to announce that he is officially ascending the the masthead at NC with all the rights and perquisites accorded that august and rarefied body (aka gang of scamps and wastrels).

Please welcome him.

Mark Sampson has published two novels – Off Book (Norwood Publishing, 2007) and Sad Peninsula (Dundurn Press, 2014) – and a short story collection, called The Secrets Men Keep (Now or Never Publishing, 2015). He also has a book of poetry, Weathervane, forthcoming from Palimpsest Press in 2016. His stories, poems, essays and book reviews have appeared widely in journals in Canada and the United States. Mark holds a journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax and a master’s degree in English from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Originally from Prince Edward Island, he now lives and writes in Toronto.

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