Nov 152015

Joe Schreiber

Trumpets up! Drum roll! NC would like to announce its latest discovery/new hire, Joseph Schreiber. Joseph is a writer and photographer living in Calgary. He runs a book blog called Rough Ghosts where he likes to write about experimental/innovative literature and books in translation (in other words, he is a natural fit). We’ve never met except on Twitter (where you meet some very nice people, BTW). You know how this goes: You start to notice someone, he or she likes something you posted, retweets, you say thank you, your thank you gets liked, you follow, mutually follow, warm feelings all around, more retweets, more polite thank yous, you look the person up on Google and my goodness he or she has done some nice writing about this and that, the next time you interact you DM and say, why not write something for me? And you get the new piece and you think, my, aren’t I a good judge of people! I have found another smart, good writer.

Joseph’s first review for NC — of Bohumil Hrabal’s Mr Kafka and Other Tales from the Time of the Cult — will appear in the December issue. Watch for it.

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