Nov 022015


Some more pictures from the NC bunker. The light is grand, and, of course, uncapturable. The top couple of images are looking west at sunset. I’m not trying to show you what it really looks like. The effects are meant to exaggerate the light and dark, the patterns thereof. The middle two images are attempts to get the light streaming into the woods from behind. And now that the leaves are mostly gone I can see things I couldn’t before. Camel’s Hump looms in the distance, dark and ominous. The very bottom image is a snow squall coming over the Worcester Mountains in the west, a sign of the future.

Naturally, it’s terrifying and time-consuming to live in such a dramatic environment and I get no work done. What work? Lucy asks.






ch again

snow coming Glover

  10 Responses to “Out & Back: More Images from the NC Bunker”

  1. Wow! Gorgeous and yet somehow eerily apocalyptic. Wonderful work DG.

  2. Awesome pictures.

  3. Haunting images. But don’t breathe a word to Lucy about being in the End Times! In my experience, sensitive dogs tend to be either bored or terrified by theology in general, and by eschatology in particular.

    • With age, Lucy’s horizon is narrowing to her food bowl and the bed and restricts herself mostly to sardonic comments on my work habits. But there is also a sensitive year-old pup now. The night of the Blood Moon, she went out to look and got skunked. Last night she raced out ferociously and then raced back immediately to the gibbering whimpering sounds of the local coyote pack. She ran upstairs and spent the night under the bed. End Times from her perspective.

  4. Spectacular!

  5. It’s all about the light. Beautiful work!

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