Nov 042013

Faculty member Robert Gray, wearing his hat as Senior Editor over at the online magazine Numéro Cinq, has been editing and mentoring collisions between the English Department’s graduate students and alumni and various poets. He matched up new works by poets he knows with academics studying or recently graduated from our program. Nicole Markotić’s at risk or at least? Poems — With an Afterword on her Poetics by Tammy Armstrong; Shane Rhodes’s Stray Dog Poetics — With an Afterword by Rob Ross; and Jennica Harper’s amazing The Sally Draper Poems: A Poem Cycle | Introduced by Tammy Armstrong. These poet and critic combinations gave Numéro Cinq a novel way to feature new poems by these poets and through the various drafts and edits allowed Gray to mentor our graduate students and alumni on writing for a more informal and creative journal.

Numéro Cinq is the creative / critical playground created by the award-winning writer Douglas Glover who is also the 2013-2014 writer-in-residence at UNB.

via Grad Students and Alums Mentor on Douglas Glover’s online magazine Numéro Cinq | Frond and Spore.

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