Jul 152012

Jacob & Jonah (both NC authors) ran in race in Waterloo, Ontario, this morning. I watched from a safe distance. The race included barriers of various sorts, a creek to wade and a final dash through a mud pit. There were also prizes for costumes. See if you can spot the literary reference.

I don’t know — not the usual NC fare. Call it Canadians At Play. Please write in if you object to this sort of display. Your emails  & comments will be filed in the usual place.

Photos by dg, rmg & jrg.


  4 Responses to “Strange Customs (Not Literary Either)”

  1. The mud especially looks like a lot of fun!

    What was all this in aid of? If anything?



    • Some charity, yes. I was too busy with logistics (large numbers of family members attended and raced) to pay much heed. 🙂

  2. These shots are great! What kind of camera do you use DG? Doesn’t seem like these came from a camera phone or even a small digital.

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