Jun 252012

NC was down Saturday and Sunday due to a hosting glitch. Apologies to readers and authors. We are growing and we needed more storage space so I decided to upgrade the hosting plan. But the upgrade went awry and we ended up getting memory error messages instead of web pages. It turned out the host rep pressed the wrong upgrade button and moved us from Linux hosting to Windows by accident. At this point, the memory error messages started. I got the hosting company (Godaddy) to put us back on Linux, but the error messages kept coming. It was quite exciting. Jonah wrote a php.ini file and uploaded it. I wrote and uploaded a php5.ini file to set memory parameters. Eventually, a Godaddy 2nd or 3rd level (apparently there are levels of competence) support person amalgamated the two files and finally got things back in order.

Site hosting is a scary new universe. But I have every reason to believe NC will now continue into eternity or until I lose patience.


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