May 212011

As a public service, NC is donating this space, FREE OF CHARGE (although donations will be gratefully accepted—all credit cards or PayPal). If you have any LAST WORDS or if you would like to write your own EPITAPH, please use the comment box below.


  11 Responses to “Rapture Run-up: Last Words and Epitaphs”

  1. DG’s Epitaph

    Eminently Unknown

  2. DG’s Last Words:

    Lucy, get your fucking nose out of the garbage.

  3. Well, I guess it’s not going to hap—

  4. Now it’s time to say good-bye to all my company, M-I-C(See you real soon(if you are raptured)) K-E-Y (why – because I like you). M_O_U_S_E…..

  5. One wonders what the post-rapture hangover will be like if we all wake up in the morning and we’re still here…Nah…that won’t happen. Mas vino, por favor.

  6. Andy Warhol: Somebody gave me this telephone… I think it was Edie… yeah it was Edie… and she said I could talk to God with it, but uh… I don’t have anything to say… so here…

  7. Goodbye cruel world!


    To hell with rapture and heaven. This alone makes the next five months worth enduring the wrath of God. From the new series, “The World According to Paris”:

    “This docu-series follows Paris Hilton and the people in her life through ups and downs, loves gained and lost, marriages, kids, divorce, and more. Behind the Hollywood glamour, red carpets, photo shoots, and fabulous parties stands a strong woman who’s determined to make a new life for herself. “The World According to Paris” offers a revealing look at how Paris handles consequences of past decisions and her management of her successful fashion and style empire.”

    If you’re still around after today, the world begins anew on June 1st. (I’m just hear to spread the Good News.)

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