May 212011

Alright, the Rapture was a bust despite being a good reason to get totally wasted on Talisker and have a close family moment just before 6pm.

DG: Jake!

Jacob: Yeah, Dad!

DG: Come down here. It’s almost six o’clock. It’s the End of the World. I want to say good-bye.

Jacob: NO!

DG: Why not?

Jacob: I’m in the bathroom.

The new NC Topic of Concern will be Chem Trails. DG is a firm believer in the Chem Trail Threat. Read a congent, wise, and scientific introduction to the subject below.


If you are unfamiliar with the subject of chemtrails, you should first read this general overview of the chemtrail spraying operations which began in earnest in late 1997. Without first reading the introductory overview, it’s difficult to understand the later informaiton that is being presented here. There are several key points to understand about the chemtrail spraying program.

Most people discover the reality of chemtrails by initially reading about it on the Internet and then going outside and looking up into the sky. They are shocked to realize that what they had been reading about (and studying photographs of) is also taking place right over their heads. What some people had dismissed as mere “jet plane exhaust” (because there are now scores of internet propaganda web sites trying to convince you that ‘everything is well’ and ‘there’s nothing to be alarmed about’ and that unaccountable ‘jet plane exhaust’ plumes are magically being converted into horizon-to-horizon overcasts of “cirrus clouds” !) are dismayed to realize that chemtrails are indeed the toxin-laden aerosols that have been described here and at other web sites since 1998 and they are not being sprayed for any benign or national security reason as the disinformation peddlers would have you believe.

via Chemtrails, an Introduction.

  6 Responses to “Okay, Moving On: What About Chem Trails?”

  1. Jacob raised a bewildering question: What if the Rapture really happened and we were just left behind?

  2. It did really happen.
    I brought a laptop with me and thought I’d let you know. Reception up here is excellent (in more ways than one). Will send you photo of me and my new friends, high above the chemtrails, on Cloud 9, asap.

  3. Yes! I actually thought the same thing and said so to my husband and his daughter once 6pm passed and we were all still here; what if the rapture, in fact, did happen and all of us were left behind? I haven’t seen any zombies yet; you?

    As for chemtrails, I absolutely believe they exist, that the government is behind it all. My husband’s daughter turned us onto chemtrails a few years back and whenever I look up into the sky and see what appears to be airplane exhaust, I’m pretty freakin’ skeptical.

    • Melissa, Good that you’re on board with Chem Trails. We’ll be revisiting this important issue. Along with the NAFTA Highway, Big Foot, and the Bilderberg conspiracy.

  4. It’s to the point where I blame everything on Chem Trails. Clouds don’t even exist anymore – it’s all just Chem Trails.

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