May 212011

Time to get serious. DG is on his second g&t (saving the Talisker for later). This is an important moment in human history, viz., THE  END OF THE WORLD (as we know it). Numéro Cinq wants to know what you’ll be reading on today OF ALL DAYS. What is the last literary work to cross your earthly mind? Please respond in the comment box below.

DG, for example, is going over to the Skidmore library to see if he can find a copy of Friedrich Schlegel’s Letter about the Novel which he cannot find anywhere on the Internet (and it’s been irritating him).


  6 Responses to “Reading the Rapture: A (Scientific) Poll”

  1. The Possible and the Actual, by Francois Jacob.

  2. The Poetry of Robert Frost (1969)
    The World, the Flesh, and Father Smith, Bruce Marshall (1944)
    The Princess Bride, William Goldman (1973) – but only the good parts.
    All of these remind me how worthwhile this whole ‘human being’ thing has been. And how much fun, at times. I’ll miss it.

  3. Son of the Morning Star, a biography of Custer, who fought a battle on this location (my yard) way back on October 6, 1864. But mostly, I’m writing today, to finish up this last packet of the semester by 9 pm EST. (Isn’t it a striking coincident that my packet is due at the exact time on the exact date as the rapture? Makes you think my advisor has been in the inner circle for some time . . .)

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