Apr 092011

Play video & music while reading the winning entries. Not suitable for readers under the age of 42.

Numéro Cinq is a refuge for anarchists, outsiders, rebels, misfits, petty criminals and layabouts (something like the infamous Hole-in-the-Wall hideout), and getting them to vote properly has been one of the most difficult of dg’s tasks (has he mentioned recently how he loves you all, in spite of your myriad faults?). The People have spoken and the message is as clear as this week’s vote for the State Supreme Court judge in Wisconsin. We have already had one objection to the official vote count. Surely there will be more. This is not dg’s fault. Some of you voted on the wrong post; some voted for two or more different aphorisms; some, instead of writing out the whole aphorism (thus making it easy to count), simply wrote down ONE WORD from the aphorism! As a group, you are the walking definition of the word “obstreperous.” As near as dg can figure, this year’s vote came down to a tie. You can see the votes and count them yourselves here. The official entry list is here. Even if you find voting discrepancies, dg will not change the results. Always look on the bright side…

And the winners are!

Richard Hartshorn

If the shoe fits, you still have growing to do.

Steven Axelrod

The fuzzy math of bad writing: rounding off any thought to the nearest cliché.

Congratulations and felicitations on these well-turned sentences, on the applause of your peers. Your large prizes will be arriving by semi truck convoy.

  6 Responses to “And the winner of the 2nd annual Numéro Cinq People’s Choice Aphorism Competition is…”

  1. Congrats to you both. Richly (no pun intended) deserved!!!

  2. Hurray! Excellent choices.

  3. Congrats Steven and Richard!

  4. Noble victors in a fierce competition! Congratulations to Richard and Steven!

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