Nov 102010

Okay, I lied in the previous post when I said I would stop posting about Robert Day. The OCD has me in its grip. The drugs are not working. Here’s a lovely very recent video interview with Robert Day. This is the man who taught me at the Iowa Writers Workshop. He did a so-called Forms class which I attended. The first day of class he walked into the room and, without saying a word, wrote in large letters that took up the whole length of the blackboard across the front of the room: REMEMBER TO TELL THEM THE NOVEL IS A POEM. As I mentioned, oh too recently, I wrote about this and the effect it had on me in an essay called “The Novel is a Poem” in Notes Home from a Prodigal Son.


Students and colleagues have described Washington College professor and writer Bob Day as incorrigible, controversial, impossibly stubborn, radical, and egomaniacal.

via Spy Profile: Robert Day on Writing, Printing and Memory.

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