Nov 102010

Another little piece from my teacher Robert Day about his teacher William Stafford. I know, I know, I get little OCD now and then. No more Robert Day after today.


“I was Bill Stafford’s student because I learned from him about writing and life: Do it all and do it all now. The beginning may not be the beginning. The end may not be the end. These aphorisms applied not only to his craft and mine, but to the way we lived.”

via Robert Day: Talk to Strangers.

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  1. This is great! Talk to strangers…imagine that as 4th grade lesson plan! Of course, fear sells, and fear keeps ups in line, and fear perpetuates the status quo. Conjures up the wisdom from that 20th century, weighty epic of philosophy and social commentary, “Wayne’s World,” where Garth says “We fear change.”

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