Nov 092010

Here is a writer worth meditating upon. Sprawl is her second book–a collection of stories preceded it. Just note in this teaser the skillful transition from idea to suburban detail to metaphor and back to the idea (this time encased in metaphor). Note also the deft informality of the prose and the sly humour. This is lovely writing.

Here is a good introduction to Dutton and her book.


We have arrived at a place based on the idea that the past never existed. We set out intentions for public imagination, educational software, rumpus rooms, etc. Haywood makes dinner on an indoor grill. A bee flies up and down outside the window, bumping the glass, hovering above plates on the patio. Fruit is rotting on the trees, and the bee lives on after the death of the fruit. He is rejuvenated by past forms in my yard.

via Everyday Genius: Danielle Dutton.

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