Oct 042010

Diana Thorneycroft is a Winnipeg artist. Look at this whole series. It’s hilarious. See especially Mickey Mouse being torn apart by Mounties on horseback.


Diana Thorneycroft // Portfolio // The Canadiana Martyrdom Series.

  5 Responses to “Diana Thorneycroft // Portfolio // The Canadiana Martyrdom Series”

  1. OK, we were warned not to make jokes about Canadians. I assume that means we can’t laugh here as well.

  2. Looks like playtime at my house.

  3. I like the Anne of Green Gables one.

    My only question is: why aren’t there any women having sex with bears? I think she missed a bet there.

  4. I love her work! Haven’t seen these before. Like Vivian, I especially like the Martyrdom of St. Anne with the MacKenzie brothers looking on.

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