Sep 162010

Entries for the First Annual Numéro Cinq Novel/Memoir-in-a-Box contest are now closed. At this point, as per usual at NC, the competition splits into two phases. While the venerable judges retire to a secluded mountain top in central New Brunswick to consider their choices, you THE PEOPLE (see photo above) get to choose and discuss your favourites.

The official entry list is here (click on this sentence to see the entries)! All the entries posted here are considered final and official however far they deviated from the norm or ignored contest deadlines.

And as per usual (and for some reason this always confuses people), please cast your vote in a comment beneath this post. You must vote in two categories, fiction and nonfiction. For the purposes of this competition, we shall consider Anna Maria Johnson’s Off The Page entry as the winner in that category.

Everyone is welcome to comment and vote. That means EVERYONE. You needn’t have entered or already be a member of the NC community. Outsiders, strangers, aliens and spectral beings are welcome. Mass voting by bots is welcome.

Voting ends at midnight September 22, 2010.

  19 Responses to “First Annual Novel/Memoir-in-a-Box People’s Choice Competition (Vote Here!)–Voting ends midnight September 22”

  1. Your kind of people, I see. 🙂

  2. Writer Babes!

  3. My votes:

    Fiction – Infinity Falling
    Memoir – Steven Axelrod’s Memoir

  4. Fiction “Wondering Where the Lions Are”
    Memoir “Memoir in a Box” Axelrod

  5. Vote for
    Novel in a Bottle Julie M & Chris W

  6. Memoir: “I Was Young When I Left Home” (John P)
    Fiction: “Wondering where The Lions Are”(rjfarrell28)

  7. Great invention all around. With serious nods to everyone and great regrets for not naming others:

    Best Memoir:
    John Proctor, “I Was Young When I Left Home”

    Best Fiction:
    Steven Axelrod, “Heat of the Moment”

    Best Off the Page Fiction (which would have made a serious run if on It, this category sparing me a horrible dilemma):
    Anna Maria Johnson, “Cat-in-a-Box”

    Best Fiction by a son of the NC editor:
    Jonah Glover, “I may not have completely followed the directions, however the profundity of this work speaks for itself.”

  8. Fiction: Jonah (or is that CNF?)

    NF: John P.

  9. This is tough, so many good ones, but:

    “Infinity Falling” &
    “I Was Young When I Left Home”

    & “Cat-in-a Box” for best off-the-page.

  10. CNF: Adam A’s “Eight Things”
    Fiction: Rich’s “Lions”

  11. There are so many great entries, it is difficult to choose, but here are my favorites:

    Steven Axelrod’s Memoir
    Michele Irwin’s Novel

  12. Fiction: Infinity Falling

    Memoir: Steve Axelrod

  13. My votes:

    Steven Axelrod’s memoir for its excruiating lines and Vivian’s novel for the playful form and function.

  14. My votes are for Steven Axelrod’s memoir and Michele Irwin’s novel.

  15. Hey, I got one vote! I think I’ll celebrate that.

    I missed the deadline, idiot that I am, but I want my choices to be on record: For memoir, Adam Arvidson’s “The Eight Things I Remember about the Collapse of my Parents’ Marriage”; for fiction, Rich Farrell’s “Wondering Where the Lions Are”; and for the hell of it, Jonah Glover’s “I, Jonah,” which made me laugh out loud. I also love Anna Maria’s constructed Novel-in-a-Box, which is in a class by itself.

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