Jul 252010
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  4 Responses to “From the Writer’s Hands: Off-the-Page Projects from VCFA Writing Students, Summer 2010”

  1. […] web page for the latest news and links to online poems and stories. But also check out her Off The Page video from the summer residency and her Pho-toems by Nance Van Winckel […]

  2. thanks to all the students in our off-the-page workshop group for contributing this fine work!

  3. […] for their poetry and prose, extending their art form to wood, leaves, rocks.  Check out the Off-the-Page Project at the VCFA 2010 summer residency.  Also, Writer and VCFA instructor Nance Van Winkle melds her […]

  4. […] the random sensation a sequence of sentences might stir.  I wanted to get burners to read a “novel-off-the-page,” if you will.  So the second night I pulled on my Zentai suit at sunset and walked out the […]

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