Jul 232010

Roman blue dog

The 18 remaining judges in the Numéro Cinq Translation Contest have returned from a monastic retreat in Las Vegas, a city known for its religious and literary meditation centres. We are informed that a decision is in the offing. The management apologizes for the amount of time these drunken louts, er, gentlemen have taken. You have to admit they have a difficult task.


p.s. This post is in response the Gary making a big fuss. Thanks, Gary. Almost everyone had forgotten. Dg was busy inventing a new contest. Now this!

  5 Responses to “Translation Contest Judges Return from Monastic Retreat”

  1. What fuss? I don’t see anything. Have you been seeing things? Blue dogs, for example?

  2. If you need a tangible reward, you are already morally bankrupt. Now back to the blackjack tables.

  3. Actually, I thought the winner was Shy Anonymous–but maybe that was just the People’s Choice winner. Don’t mind me, I’m terminally confused.

  4. P.S. The blueness of that dog is suspect.

  5. I’ve been secretly wondering about this for weeks but didn’t want to say anything . . .

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