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  4 Responses to “The Guardian’s Ten Rules for Writing Fiction (applies to nonfiction as well mostly)”

  1. This is long, but worth it; parts of it had me rolling on the floor. I like Leonard’s rule about exclamation points—no more than two or three per 1,000 words of prose—but prefer Martone’s (not in here, unfortunately): you are allowed only three in your lifetime.

    If you like this sort of thing, I recommend “Rules of Thumb: 73 authors reveal their fiction-writing fixations,” edited by Michael Martone and Susan Neville.

  2. I liked the line, “If it feels like writing, rewrite it.”

  3. I love PD James’ “Nothing that Happens to a writer–however happy, however tragic–is ever wasted.

    • Just so you all know–this is Christy Clothier, one of my new students this semester, one of the authors on the blog now. It’s a great pleasure to have her join us.

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