Jul 082010

  3 Responses to “Pho-toems — Nance Van Winckel”

  1. What a cool way to wake up this morning. Beautiful, haunting images and words. I loved the black and white photos inside the window panes.

  2. Now I, too, have a deep concern for Rebecca.

  3. […] leave a comment » DG’s friend and colleague at VCFA Nance Van Winckel has sent in two new photocollages to grace our pages. These are cross-genre, off-the-page, photo and graffiti mash-ups that push against the constrictions of conventional form in delightful ways. Think of them as Not-Not Poems. Look at Nance’s web page for the latest news and links to online poems and stories. But also check out her Off The Page video from the summer residency and her Pho-toems by Nance Van Winckel video. […]

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