Apr 122010

Meet “Petunia.”  She’s 2 (in dog years), very loyal (to me, which is a first) and loves Dostoesvsky and Millhauser, but can find no connection (yet) between the two.  We rescued her through SD Bulldog Rescue.  They found her wandering the streets of Escondido, CA.  She was emaciated and had huge, open sores all along her spine.  She’s recovered amazingly well.

—Richard Farrell

  11 Responses to “My Numero Cinq Mistress”

  1. Rich, You know this will only encourage Gary. Now he will be writing aphorisms about/by Petunia.


  2. I doubt you have the requisite bulldog slobber rag next to the bowls though.

  3. She’s adorable!

    • Ok, I admit she has a certain strange beauty. I’m still waiting for Gary to write an aphorism about her.

      • An aphorism is a lucky, sad dog saved from death by a human loving enough to overlook piffles like a little slobber.

        (We should all be so loved.)

  4. Tolstoy always gets passed up by dogs . . .

    • Hmmm, good point, Mary. What else do dogs ignore? The post doesn’t mention that Petunia likes this guy Glover even though there are dogs in his books!

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