Oct 052016

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Deirdre Baker, who not so long ago joined us as a production editor, liked the work so much and proved so helpful (she is much more organized than I am) will now ascend Olympus and sit upon the throne of Production Manager. She will take over overseeing pieces through production, copyediting, and format consistency. She is also going to rationalize and update out style sheets. She will relieve me a certain amount of day-to-day office work. I will be able to sit on the deck, overlooking the mountains and the defunct swimming pool, drinking margaritas by the pitcher, throwing tennis balls from my deck chair for the dogs. This is, of course, what an editor’s job should be like. Many of you will now deal with Deirdre after you send your work in. She is very nice, much less apt to raise her voice and TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!!! than I am. She will be ever so much more polite when she hounds you for missing bios or new photos. The changeover will be gradual, but it has already begun. And, of course, several of you already know her.


Deirdre Baker is a freelance web and copy editor living in Toronto. She worked for nearly three decades at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, most recently as manager of the Legislature’s website and intranet. After years of bills, proceedings, debates, policies, and procedures, she is delighted to finally have something interesting to read for work.

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  1. Terrific news! And after Production Editor, Deirdre for President.

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