Jan 252016

Nc centralEditing Numéro Cinq, the awful truth

Many of you have been clamouring for details of the high life at NC Central Command, inside the Bunker, as it were. You think it’s all Talisker, darts tournaments, and beach weekends in Uruguay. Not so. Now the sad truth is revealed. We offer here a photograph that amply illustrates the way work really gets done at head office. You can see for yourselves the terrible pressures dg is under.

  9 Responses to “Explicit Image from NC Central — Strictly for readers with strong stomachs”

  1. Wonderful photo, Doug! I haven’t laughed this hard since last week’s rambling endorsement of Donald Trump by that syntax-challenged nitwit, Sarah Palin.

  2. What’s so funny or strange? Doesn’t everyone (writer that is) work with an animal curled around his/her neck? I’ve always worked ON my bed, with my cat(s).

  3. Stunning…am reminded of Godard’s latest film(Goodbye to Language) in which his Roxy stars accompanied by running voice overs, among which is “…the dog is the only living creature who loves you more than it loves itself.”

    • Bill, you put your finger on it. I have lately been very much influenced by Godard. In this regard, one critic recently called Numero Cinq a “dog’s breakfast,” which I chose to take as a compliment.

  4. You have three laptops, I see

  5. Great to see that you continue to go where no writer has gone before, Doug … now with three heads.

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