Jan 202016

So, okay, first night. Spectacular, magical. Standing ovation, curtain calls. A transformation of my novel for sure. But Severn Thompson was born to play Elle, the headstrong girl. Funny, passionate, poignant. A bravura performance, a woman holding us mesmerized for 90 minutes. Stunning visual effects, but theatre, cheap computer generated effects. The moment when she falls through the ice, amazing lighting effects, a column of light flickering as if water. Transforming into a bear using a lengthy sheet of gold material pulled against her body, her raised hands clawing against it (just amazing what theatre people can do with a sheet). Terribly poignant opening up of the play with the entrance of Jonathan Fisher as Itslk. Scene after scene, image after image. The scene where the baby Emmanuel dies. OMG. I don’t think many authors get a chance to see someone make another work of art of their own creation. And fewer still can be so pleased and moved and feel that such homage has been paid. I am going to bed now. Tomorrow I will resume my habitual sardonic mask. But tonight I was moved. Go see the play if you can.


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Buy tickets here!

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  1. Director and actor and whole crew should love you right back.

  2. Doug, this is wonderful, the review, gorgeous. I wanted to tell you that when I saw The Revenant last weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking of Elle, and this, before I knew of the play. Best wishes, Dawn

  3. What a wonderful experience! Keep that mask off a while longer — this performance deserves that

  4. Bravo, Doug! Well deserved.

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