Aug 082015


It’s an epic pleasure, a bliss, an intemperate delight, to announce that English author, critic, and editor Victoria Best is ascending to glory, joining the masthead  at Numéro Cinq as a Special Correspondent. Her first contribution — a profile of the Scottish novelist Janice Galloway — appears in the current issue. Much more is promised. Under her benign influence, we will be less carping and curmudgeonly. There will be more tea and less Talisker (or maybe the other way around).

Anyway, it’s exciting news.



Victoria Best taught at St John’s College, Cambridge for 13 years. Her books include: Critical Subjectivities; Identity and Narrative in the work of Colette and Marguerite Duras (2000), An Introduction to Twentieth Century French Literature (2002) and, with Martin Crowley, The New Pornographies; Explicit Sex in Recent French Fiction and Film (2007). A freelance writer since 2012, she has published essays in Cerise Press and Open Letters Monthly and is currently writing a book on crisis and creativity. She is also co-editor of the quarterly review magazine Shiny New Books (

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