Jul 152015
Elle at Theatre Passe Muraille

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I checked the Theatre Passe Muraille website this morning and found the 2015-2016 season announcement. And at the top of the announcement page there is this lovely poster announcing Severn Thompson’s adaptation of my novel Elle, which, as you all know, won the Governor-General’s Award and was a finalist for the Dublin IMPAC Award.

This isn’t a surprise, of course. I saw a tiny workshop preview of an opening to the play at a festival in Toronto in August, 2013, and Severn Thompson has been in touch all along. But it is lovely to see the announcement up and the dates set.

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Severn Thompson

Severn Thompson

Elle by Douglas Glover

  7 Responses to “Elle, The Play, Adapted from Douglas Glover’s Novel @ Theatre Passe Muraille”

  1. Not an easy novel to adapt! Wish I could see what they’ve done.

    • Diane, Severn’s an amazing actress and very thoughtful in her approach. I saw a workshop preview of the opening a couple of years ago and she and I talked about the difficulties of backfill and context. Her stage incarnation of Elle was electrifying. Jonah was sitting next to me and just kept punching my shoulder he was so excited.

  2. Will it be staged outdoors? I’m thinking you should have to walk over wild ground and sit upon it to watch this play.

  3. Congratulations dg. While waiting for Elle’s opening one could do no better than come out for
    David Ferry’s brilliant production of The Postman, about Toronto’s first black (and underground railroad
    family man) delivery artist, now playing on diverse city porches where he delivered the mail.

  4. Huge congratulations! Something tells me that this theater is nowhere near Seattle. I would love to see how they do this.

  5. Will you go watch it?

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