Apr 112015

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1) I’m experimenting with running a Twitter feed down the right hand side of the page underneath the navigation buttons. I’m using a Jetpack plugin, which doesn’t give a lot of aesthetic options. I can, though, adjust the number of tweets displayed. And you have to refresh the page to refresh the Twitter feed. I have  resisted doing this in the past so as to keep the page clean and free of distractions, so this is just a trial. Let us know what you think.

Right now I am displaying only the Numéro Cinq Twitter feed. But I could add in a selection of NC writers and editors to make for a more wide-ranging feed.

2) I got a very nice note on Facebook earlier this week, complimenting us on our Index (accessed via the dropdown menu on the navigation bar at the top of the page). The writer is a professional indexer and really liked what we have done, wanted to know who had constructed it, etc. Of course, I shot off a lengthy response because this is a subject close to my heart. I’ve built that index up from the very beginning because it’s always been my opinion that most online sites have a serious drawback, a failure to provide readers with a logical and efficient way to access the archives. After the front page, writers and artists disappear into the gaping mouth of the archives rarely to re-emerge. At NC, we keep each piece on the front page for THREE months (current issue and two back issues). And each item is also cross-indexed by category (fiction, nonfiction, reviews, etc.) and by year and issue (under the Back Issues button on the nav bar). People who appear multiple times on NC usually get their very own NC Archive Page as well. And I use the slider at the top of the page to feature work from the archives each month. One of the great things about publishing in NC is that you NEVER DISAPPEAR.

3) You can see I have time on my hands.


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