Oct 102014

© 2014 Open Space Arts Society. All rights reservedReading at Open Space Gallery, Victoria.

© 2014 Open Space Arts Society. All rights reservedPhoto credit: Miles Giesbrecht. Artists’ works: Tommy Ting (London), Dong-Kyoon Nam (Winnipeg).

DSCF8947Mist on the water. Strait of Juan de Fuca near Sooke.

DSCF9024DG on Sombrio Beach.

DSCF9150Port Renfrew otters (just before we saw the bear).

DSCF8791First Nations exhibit, Royal BC Museum.

DSCF8764Douglas Street.

DSCF8742The bookstore founded by Alice Munro and her first husband.

DSCF8907Breakwater (dark by the time dg got to the end).

  One Response to “Out & Back: DG On The Road In Victoria (Interim Report)”

  1. So glad you got to explore the coastline a bit. It’s glorious, isn’t it? I will haunt the place when I die. The Strait of Juan de Fuca and the San Juan Islands is where my soul resides, always. I once planned to live on a boat in the harbor there until I figured out that I would die of the damp. But a small cabin, up high, with a view of the strait, Vancouver Island, and the many beautiful sunsets? Heaven. Glad you got to see it. I try to explain to people what a singular place it is, but it’s hard to make it sound as special as it is.

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