May 082014

Here’s a little onstage interview I did at Wordfest in Calgary last fall when I was out promoting Savage Love. As you can clearly see, I got myself into trouble talking about copulas and copulate. Sometimes, I think I shouldn’t be let out of my cage and allowed to roam at will. It’s not safe. But the interviewer’s reaction when I start to talk about sex is priceless. One of the disappointments is that you can’t hear the audience laughing. The audience had a good deal of fun with this.


  6 Responses to “Douglas Glover: The Wordfest Interview”

  1. They don’t have the whole interview posted somewhere?

    • No, this is what they posted. 🙂 As a book-touring waif yourself, it must bring back memories.

      • I’m going to talk about sex more on my next tour. Seems to jolly things up a bit.

        Also, I really appreciated the comments on the anxiety of writing novels. I’m starting number three (really, number four if we count the one that never got published) and I’m beside myself trying to find the story. I an once again contemplating the simplicity of the profession of barista. It seems mighty inviting right now.

        • And also, contemplating hiring a copyeditor to edit my posts. Sigh. You need an edit button. 🙂

  2. This is great! 🙂

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