Apr 012014

About midnight, I went to let Lucy out and realized that in the past couple of hours we’d had nearly a foot of new snow. This after two days of steady sleet and snow mixed. The plow guy came twice over the weekend. He’ll have to come again in the morning. In the kitchen just now, Mark looked at me and said, “This never happened before you came to live here.”

The light is terrible and I can’t take pictures, but I wanted you to get a sense of what being a Writer-in-Residence is like, the stark grandeur of the elements, the threat of imminent death by exposure and starvation. I ate my last can of Irish stew tonight. There is nothing left to eat but banana bread Clarissa brought home from a wake Saturday. Rob has a half-eaten carton of Gelato. We’ll be fighting each other for that soon enough.

It’s now officially April 1.


Waterloo Row from the front second floor window.


Out the back door.





Walking out toward the street.



The front of the house.



Lucy waiting by the backdoor.


Mark finishing his book. This is the literary part of the post.


  8 Responses to “Out & Back | DG In the Region of Rock-Ribbed Ice”

  1. I think Mark may have given in, slightly, to hyperbole: I have documented laments of chipping ice inside the back entrance well before your sojourn. Really.

  2. God almighty! Those photos look like the set for a film version of

  3. “He lived in a slaughterous universe under a doleful sign of dream from which he did not wish to awaken, for that seemed like death to him.”

    • Yes, “Tristiana” is coming to haunt me. And someone else mentioned my story “The Ice Age.” It’s 10am and the sidewalk plow just went by for the first time. Our cars have not been plowed out yet. University classes have been canceled till noon.

  4. That suspiciously looks like a casualty in “The front of the house” pic. Are the locals now heaving themselves into snowbanks for the deep sleep?

    • Melissa, The “body” does look suspicious. And who knows what spring will expose if it ever comes. Many people are missing…

  5. Looks like a setting to inspire ur-macho fiction. World beware!

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