Feb 282014

Lucy and dg are still in residence at the University of New Brunswick, though it’s become increasingly difficult to, you know, actually find the university. So far there have been no reports of looting or shooting at the grocery stores. And now that the strike is over a few humans have returned to campus.

We persevere.


DSCF7203Out the back door at midnight


DSCF7207Out the front window at midnight


eagles2Bald eagle in front of the house overlooking the river


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat the eagles are looking at (usually they would be fishing in the river)

DSCF7154Waterloo Row


DSCF7179University Avenue

DSCF7182University of New Brunswick


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALucy, Dog of the North (we’re working on her colour coordination; I told her she couldn’t wear the plaid with the blue boots, but would she listen?)

Video produced when the weather was still warm and one could be optimistic.
At this time, one did not realize that most of the Writer-in-Residence job
would involve shoveling Mark Jarman’s car out.


  6 Responses to “Out & Back: DG-in-Residence | The Ice Age (Interim Report)”

  1. Doesn’t look a lot different from Western Massachusetts…

  2. “I have this deep familiarity, but I’ve forgotten everything.” Exactly the way I feel when I go back to London; I just didn’t realize it until I heard you say that.

  3. Lucy–hilarious. This winter–new definition for zero tolerance. But, I escaped. Ran off to Cyprus for 10 days. Sat under orange and lemon trees. Drank Cypriot wine. Ate happy soothing food. Walked to the sea on ancient stones. Breathed sunlight. Then, nourished and hopeful that a glimpse of Spring might greet me — a single crocus or snowdrop would suffice — I returned home. Oops. A clear case of “too soon” instantly becoming “too late.”

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